Septic services in bedford, ky

If you suspect that your septic tank needs pumped, call us here at Fox Septic in Bedford, KY. We perform a majority of our services the same day you call. Because septic tanks are a breeding ground for bacteria, it is extremely important to have your tank cleaned every 3 to 5 years. Although the frequency of cleaning depends on the use that the septic tank is getting, cleaning your tank at any time is recommended.

When we pump your septic system, all the sludge and grime will be removed. As professionals, we are efficient in our work and come to the site fully prepared. Every truck we use for our pumping is able to hold large amounts of sludge. We will also transport the contents of your septic tank safely off your property and dispose of it properly.

After we are finished, we will provide you with a full report that tells you how many gallons we pumped, the condition of the septic tank, and the condition of the tank baffles. With this report, we will be able to determine whether a new septic tank is needed or recommend how often your current system needs to be pumped.

Providing you with a fully functioning and reliable septic tank is our job. Let us show you why our services are known to be extremely professional and thorough. Call us today to get started. 

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